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Oh So Pinspiring! by Ruth
I have been spending time lost in the world of pintrest, and thought I would share some of my finds here occasionally. I love light fittings, but am never able to find any that I want to hang in my home, probably because the ones that I really love are way beyond my reach. Here are some of the light fitting gems I have found on pintrest: Tessa F. pinned from The Design Files. I like ...

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how do you draw a wood paneled ceiling in the 2020 design program ?
by Guest - 1 week ago
I'm looking to purchase a legitimate and transferable w/ dongle copy of 20/20 v8.1 in or around the chicagoland area. The prices lately being sold on ebay seem reasonable and I'd hope to ...
by Nick - 1 week ago
Ive noticed all the information on 20/20 programs are later (old versions) Last year I purchased the 10.0 version of 20/20 and had many problems and am thinking about switching to Pro ...
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
It is 20/20 Technologies by far
by Gordon - 2 weeks ago
I have the 8.1 version for sale..
by Gordon - 2 weeks ago
I provide support to some Australian 20-20 Design user - 1 client has 24 seats. All my clients are staying on V9 for the forseeable future. Other than the numerous bigs in V10, the ...
by MikeL - 2 weeks ago
JlCamp Are you interested?
by Gordon - 2 weeks ago
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